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Sunol Group Media wants to help you capture your remote content. Using remote recording capabilities We will help you get the best image and sound out of your productions.



During the pandemic Sunol Group Media worked with a production company to consult and develop remote recording capabilities for press events, movie releases, behind the scenes interviews and Netflix online shows. Sunol Group Media set up both online recording infrastructure for 12 isolated feeds as well as a mirrored backup system. 


The pandemic disrupted Visa’s Everywhere Initiative live event. Sunol Group Media developed a plan for VISA to transform their event into a virtual event. This was a massive undertaking. 


There were 45+ global remote recordings of pitch presentations and live Q&A’s. The semi-finals and final event were live and had feeds from all around the globe. The event was streamed on Youtube, TechCrunch and Internally on VISA TV. 


VISA asked Sunol Group Media to create a virtual event with a live feeling while everyone at the time was 100% working remote. Sunol Group Media accomplished this on all levels and VISA and stakeholders were ecstatic with end product.

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For ElastiCON 2021 Sunol Group Media was asked to produce 13 live panel remote record discussions (ranging from 2-5 speakers) as well as producing breakout presentations and edits for 70 videos.


Sunol Group Media was on a tight deadline of 4 weeks. We quickly put together a plan to implement and record the panel discussions which included Megan Rapinoe and Trevor Noah as guest. The event was a huge success for Elastic. 


Included in the examples to the right is the final highlight video which was a big hit to wrap up the virtual event. 


Sunol Group Media remotely recorded the talent from the hit Netflix show, Big Mouth. This project consisted of recording 3 isolated feeds of the talent plus 1 video that was played during the record so the actors could comment on the video content. Also included was a feed from a live musical performer. 


The press was invited to this record and were able to watch the live discussion. The recorded footage was then taken and edited into promos and teasers. 

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