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Why You Need Media

When it comes to media and all the things associated with it like videos, presentations, and events. Companies view media as the most expendable thing and they don’t want to spend their money on. A lot of companies have great ideas and plans to get clients, to capture that next customer’s attention and to create something viral.  However, instead of getting professional help and implementing it correctly and creatively, they decide to give the project to a very under qualified, low experienced person to plan. Now, in some cases that is more than fine and I would do the same thing, but sometimes you need that extra bit of quality. You need that extra bit of cohesiveness in a video, and that is where the benefit comes when hiring a media company.

Here is the disclaimer: As you know, I own a company that creates corporate videos, etc, but I’m not saying to use my company to help create your videos. Use any company; use a student at a local college; use an employee’s family member whose Youtube videos you enjoy; use anybody that has some kind of an idea in creating purposeful media. When you think of a video as a project that needs thoughtfulness and care, you will have way more fun creating that media and it will have more of an impact.

Now, why do you need this media? -Because video is entertainment. Even if it is a “how-to” video or an animation or shoddily shot iPhone video, it is the face and culture of your company. There are tons of statistics on the click-through rates and how Google ranks your website pages based on if there is video embedded on them. That I’m not going to delve too deep into. Besides that, with media and video, future clients or customers get a better idea of what your company and product or service is actually about. Reading about your service or product is a definite must-have, and it is pretty much common sense because it is a website. However, giving your potential customers the ability to watch or listen to what you have created, just adds one more possibility of some kind of magic happening like a sale or a connection or as simple as a tweet.

Fred Wilson, a prominent and highly respected VC in the tech world, on his blog, he has it so that all of his blog posts have a voice over reading that accompanies each post. You can read about a topic and you can have the option of listening to it. He has a professional V.O. company (voicebunny) record his blog posts and they usually sound pretty good. It’s not just some guy using his smart phone to record his voice. It is a proper V.O. recording in a studio.  What can be learned from this is that people like options. Reading, listening, and watching are all good options and he has created the written content and partners with a media company to create his audio content.

Now, of course that being said, in the end, everything with media does come down to budget and time constraints. Sometimes you can’t have that extra bit that you were looking for and do have to create your company video on your mobile phone. If you do have the time and a little bit of money, find somebody, anybody who can help take your idea to the next level.  Like if I had some extra time, a 3-minute video would have accompanied this post. Damn you time!

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