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Vine: The Beauty of a 6-second Video

After the Instagram purchase by Facebook for about 1 billion dollars in stock there was a land rush to create the instagram for video. Plenty of companies entered the market and tried to make a name for themselves and did fairly well and some got celebrity investors on board. Socialcam was acquired by Autodesk and Viddy got some investments from Justin Beiber, Rob Dyrdek and Biz Stone, and Color was an overhyped colossal failure. Now those are just 3 of the many that entered into the boxing ring to be the champion of the instantaneous video market. The true victor of them all did it correctly and has the best community, user experience and good content: Vine.

I’ve tried and used many of the different apps that came out, but Vine has been the only one that I constantly return to not only watch the videos that have been created by others but also to create videos myself. The beauty about it is that its so easy to use. If you want to go a little further into it, sometimes it forces you to think about story, about composition, about structure, but at the same time because of a time limit of only 6 seconds, you cant think too much. So, because of the time constraint you can have finished content pretty quick. Besides that, Vine is an easy way to disseminate visual information quickly, very quickly.

Now besides using the app itself, the content that you get from the Vine is quite intriguing. I find myself waking up checking my email, Twitter, Facebook, Pulse and now I check my home feed on Vine (mostly Vine comedians). Because we are in an age of ADHD entertainment, Vine is the perfect solution to get your quick fix of laughs, gross outs, music or celebrity info. 6-second videos that loop in a Gif like manner are hilarious when done properly. My trusting cousin and I made a vine a couple weeks ago.  Check it out.

Now, besides only using vines for individuals, I always recommend that companies use Vine in conjunction with their Twitter account. (The two are really easy to connect. Twitter owns Vine.) Why? Because it builds another layer of interaction between your company, clients, customers, recruits, plus it’s easy.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great tool. Just Vine everything that you think is interesting or informative. If you don’t have a huge team that is working on your marketing efforts, utilize this tool to get content out to your potential clients/customers. And, if you go one step further and create informative creative content it will be talked about and that’s what your company or product needs. People will watch a quick 6-second video, maybe even twice.

I do have my criticisms of Vine the biggest of which is that there seems to be a ton of spam accounts. Whenever a vine is posted you always see spammers putting links in the comments for you to purchase followers or people asking you to follow them. Everybody wants to get Vine-famous instead of just creating interesting, fun content and critiquing/commenting on each other as intended. There should be a way to flag all the users who are just spammers.

Vine has done such a great job in creating a functional tool and growing a vibrant community that even Instagram/Facebook have noticed and have tried coming in on their territory with 15 second videos. I guess only time will tell which platform is better, but if I had to hedge my money I would say Vine is the better way to go. The allotted time is perfect, the experience is mesmerizing and the community is ridiculously fun. Vines are 6-seconds of beautiful media.




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