Recruiting Media


It’s no longer effective to send a few emails or inmails and expect candidates to respond in floods. The average computer engineer is getting approached 15 times per week. 15 TIMES! ON AVERAGE! That’s insane! Plus, most of the time they are being contacted with the same boring written prose “I reviewed your profile and I have a great job for you”. If you think that approach works, you should stop reading here. But if you’re like most companies trying to compete for the smartest engineers, you need to think, act and present uniquely to stand out from the rest.

Thinking you’re great is one thing. Showing potential employees that you are great, is our specialty. It’s our job to make you appear as cool as Facebook, even though you don’t have their resources – yet. We’re experts at creating content that captures the interest of passive candidates and more importantly, creates meaningful engagement and clear call to actions – apply now! Simply put, we help you get candidates interested. We’re not magicians, but we are great storytellers. What better way to tell a focused, attractive message than to use digital media. We’re the experts and we’ll hold your hand and help you get them to say yes.

A Recent Campaign: Clover

Viral Video, Capture a Candidates Attention, Build Interest.

Quick Information about the Company. All Candidate Needs to Know.

More in depth Information for Potential Hire. Seal the Deal.

Clover saw a huge increase in response because of their media campaign and engagement and talked with a lot more candidates then they were before, we were told that many candidates even brought up the video during the interview process.

List of Services Offered

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Graphics
  • Multi-Camera Event Shooting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Kinetic Topography
  • Creating Testimonials
  • Creating Training Videos
  • Creating Animations for Viral Videos and or marketing campaigns
  • Creating Product Videos
  • Creating Viral Videos
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Creating Video Podcasts
  • Capturing videos From Youtube to use in presentations or personal use.
  • Creating DVD’s, CD’s
  • Still Photography
  • Using Greenscreen
  • Visual Effects
  • Event Production
  • Event Media Creation
  • Staging of Event
  • Writing for TV/Film or Web series
  • Writing for Corporate Video
  • Writing for News style media for Web.
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Effect Creation and Mixing
  • Studio Set up for studio shows
  • Equipment Rental
  • One central location for all company video online – Media Batch