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ReadyCase: A Crowdfunding Success

Being an early adopter has its highs and lows. Sometimes you get what you asked for and are happy and sometimes you wish you waited a little bit more for a product or service to mature. This time I had a little bit of both happen. This is a tail of intrigue, of happiness, of anger and of redemption. A tale of ReadyCase

ReadyCase is the second crowdfunding campaign that I ever participated in. It was such a unique, useful and original idea. The video really caught my attention. It was quick and to the point . It was very creatively done with the explosion in the beginning and cases flying everywhere. You should watch it


Dum Dum Cousin iPhone

The way that I got attracted to the project was when posted a Top iPhone 5 cases Article . Out of all of them, ReadyCase caught my attention. I showed my cousin and he was really impressed with ReadyCase as well. We both had recently purchased the iPhone 5 and he, as a part-time Dumb-Dumb shattered his screen 3 minutes after buying his phone (no joke), so we were both on the market.

The beauty of the ReadyCase is that it is the Leatherman of iPhone cases and I’m always a fan of things that have multiple uses. The case comes with a 16GB USB memory stick, a small multi-tool which can be used as a bottle opener, a flat head screw driver, a small sharp side for cutting, and the USB stick can be used as a kick stand for your iPhone. It also comes with 3 different camera lenses that attach by magnet. Lastly, the case has a very nice way of holding your headphones in place, when you wrap them around your phone. With so many things wrapped up into one little package, I was sold.


Receiving ReadyCase Packages

Now, with most crowdfunding projects they have a deadline that they almost never meet ,which is understandable to a degree. Actually, a number of projects never even get delivered to their backers, which is always a risk. So, with ReadyCase they gave themselves an ambitious deadline for delivery, of only 4 months after they received their money from backers. What happened is they missed that delivery and a bunch of other new delivery dates that they set, but what was good is that they constantly kept us in the loop of what the delays were. They were honest and transparent with us and were truly just trying to do it properly. All we could do is wait patiently.


ReadyCase with 16 GB USB stick, integrated multi-tool and lenses

Seven months after the delivery date is when my cousin and I finally received our ReadyCase. It’s always exciting to get new things, so I was pretty excited to check it out and use it. However, after I opened it I had the strangest feeling that I had just bought some gimmicky thing, only because there were so many things that came with it I was thinking there is no way I’m actually am going to use this crap, but oh I was proven wrong. The ReadyCase case has become one of the most useful things I have, when I don’t even remember that I have it. For example, I do a lot of media work and I’m constantly transferring files and people give me files all the time. I just whip out my phone and pull off the sleek USB stick and they are pretty impressed that I can James Bond my phone like that. Another example is when you connect a camera to a tripod there is a plate that you connect to the camera and you have to screw it in. Sometimes I forget my multi-tool or don’t have a quarter, so I just take the tool of my ReadyCase and I’m good to go. Having extra lenses for your iPhone to change things up and get different perspectives is quite sweet as well. My favorite is the macro lens, but the fisheye is cool too. ReadyCase is useful in so many ways.

ReadyCase - Finger Print

Macro Lens – Finger Print

ReadyCase - Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Lens – Group Photo









Now, after about month of using ReadyCase with my phone, I started having some issues with the case. The tool wasn’t staying in place and I was getting cracks all over the ReadyCase, so I sent them photos and an explanation and they responded with the following:


Defected Case


Sorry about this, a handful of others have reported a small crack in
that same location so we’re pretty confident it’s a small
manufacturing variance. We can send you new bodies, but if your
current cases are still functioning we’d recommend waiting until later
in October when the cases will be using a new material that should
crack less easily in these places. Let us know.
In order for the ReadyCase to remain rigid while accommodating a
massive hole in the back, we needed to make some material adjustments
that can cause cracking when under too much stress. Make sure to use
care when taking the case on and off.
The ReadyCase Team
Feedback, LLC


New ReadyCase and Old ReadyCase

New ReadyCase and Old ReadyCase

Now, that is some excellent customer service. I got that response from them the same day after I emailed them. I was half expecting a “sorry we can’t really help you” or “buy a new one” or knowing they are a startup maybe they couldn’t afford to replace it, instead they sent me a replacement for my ReadyCase. That is awesome! I was a fan of ReadyCase before I even received a ReadyCase, but now I’m a loyal customer. The whole experience from crowdfunding, to updating the backers, to fixing my issue with my ReadyCase have all been handled professionally and diligently. I recommend if you are looking for a case that is more useful then just being a case, then get a ReadyCase.

Check them out here:


2/27/2014 Update:

After Using ReadyCase for a couple of months I seem to have lost both the USB drive and the multi-tool so I basically have just the case with nothing cool on it. I also haven’t used the camera lenses since I tested them out. Lesson learned here for me at least is don’t buy a case with too many detachable things.

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