Corporate Media


It needs to be shared on social media and it needs to get its message across. The media that we create for your company can make it easier to communicate ideas in a short amount of time, can encourage and reflect your company’s culture to all the employees, it can enhance your events and make them more exciting, it can also get information across to potential Customers, sellers, buyers and clients. Your company has a voice. Let us be the megaphone for that voice.

We have a massive amount of experience working with companies both large and small with all of their corporate needs. Do you need a “how to” animation describing how to use your product? Do you need a fun video of your CEO to show at a sales kickoff? Do you want an overall presentation that describes your company and mission? Or, do you want us to even put on your entire corporate event? Let us be the company that you go to for any of your corporate media needs. Even for small jobs like filming meetings, providing audiovisual services, or creating a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, we do it skillfully and creatively. We have a ton of experience and any media-related need your company has, we can answer it in true Sunol Group Media style.

Demo Reel

Animation Reel

List of Services Offered

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Graphics
  • Multi-Camera Event Shooting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Kinetic Topography
  • Creating Testimonials
  • Creating Training Videos
  • Creating Animations for Viral Videos and or marketing campaigns
  • Creating Product Videos
  • Creating Viral Videos
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Creating Video Podcasts
  • Capturing videos From Youtube to use in presentations or personal use.
  • Creating DVD’s, CD’s
  • Still Photography
  • Using Greenscreen
  • Visual Effects
  • Event Production
  • Event Media Creation
  • Staging of Event
  • Writing for TV/Film or Web series
  • Writing for Corporate Video
  • Writing for News style media for Web.
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Effect Creation and Mixing
  • Studio Set up for studio shows
  • Equipment Rental
  • One central location for all company video online – Media Batch